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Resolution Revolution

I went to the gym last night- it was PACKED!
Now you want me to complain about it. You want me to make that snide remark- “give it a month and all the “Resolutioners” will quit and I’ll have the gym to myself again… ”
Not going to do it.
You know why? Because I was one of them.
My resolutions happened a bunch of times in the past. How many times did I join a gym, or Weight Watchers, or dump carbs, or make a cabbage soup that first week of January? So many times….
How many times did I fail (quit and/or lose weight then gain it back and more)?
So many times….
But the last time I was successful. I didn’t really join my gym last January (but I did join during the other “New Year”- first week of school)- but it was last January that I made a commitment to clean up my eating and really focus on working out. I’m so glad that I took a chance, had some hope, and dreamed that I could do it one more time.
According to Forbes Magazine only 8% of people achieve their New Years resolution.
Well that number sucks!
Another staggering stat- apparently 80% of people who start going to the gym in January stop by February!

That’s why I admire you Resolutioners! You rock! You still have hope. You still dream. You have a growth mindset. You think you can be better.
Be proud! Proudly tell people you joined a gym and you are eating healthy! If they roll their eyes, just add it to your reasons NOT to quit- even if the only thing that keeps you from driving through the McDonalds drive thru is picturing that person rolling their eyes at you- then you win!
Actually I recommend you tell people about what you plan to do this year. Slap that resolution up on your Facebook status- statistics show that people achieve their goals if there is an accountability system in place (but please don’t make your accountability system your scale!)
On days that I was dragging and didn’t feel like working out, I would email my fitness trainer and tell her I was coming to class. She didn’t have to respond but I knew she knew I was planning on coming…. so I would go. Accountability.
Workout buddies are good for this too. Better yet- drive your workout buddy to the gym… you won’t leave her standing in the cold at the end of her driveway waiting for you. Accountability.
Another trick I do- when I get home from work I change out of my work clothes and into my workout clothes. You feel a little embarrassed changing into your pyjamas from non sweaty workout clothes! Ha!

Now for my own January resolution, I am choosing happy again this year. I also want to go back to basics in my clean eating diet. I have gotten a little lax in my eating over December and I want to start making better choices. I have been a little “bread” dependent for my breakfasts. Not that bread is bad, but I’ve been choosing it almost everyday! So enter the Green Smoothie. My original Green Smoothie recipe can be found here It’s a great “introduction to green smoothies”- my kids even like it. It’s pineapple, banana and spinach- delish!

I got the Oh She Glows Cookbook by Angela Liddon for Christmas. She write an amazing vegan blog called– a great website even for carnivores!

I made this Chocolate Green Smoothie based on her Cheerful Chocolate Smoothie from the cookbook (the ingredients I added are in italics)

2 cups almond milk (I used coconut milk)
1/4 cup avocado
2 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1 tsp vanilla extract
Very small pinch of sea salt
4-6 pitted Medjool dates
4-6 ice cubes
1/4 tsp espresso powder (I just used 2 tbsp brewed coffee)
1 big handful of kale or spinach or a mix of the 2
1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use Progressives)

I put the dates, greens, 1 cup of the coconut milk and the avocado in the blender first (I only have a Ninja Blender- not one of those awesome but expensive high speed blenders so I put the solid ingredients in first with hopes the smoothie has more of a chance to get smooth). I then added the rest of the ingredients and blended it all together. I drank half for breakfast then saved the rest for my mid morning snack. Super filling! Honest! It has a rich and sweet chocolate taste- I promise!


Make a resolution and tell everybody!

Choose happy 🙂


2 thoughts on “Resolution Revolution

  1. What a great reminder that a resolution is the start of the journey. I too am making a new year commitment to embrace life and be healthy for me and my girls.

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