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Am I unCanadian for not liking Tim Hortons Coffee anymore?

I LOVE COFFEE! Coffee makes me happy. I love to sit along with a hot coffee and some sort of a baked good and take some time for myself. Just sit and drink coffee.
I was a Tim Hortons girl. I loved Tim Hortons. I remember when my kids were small I would drive the 10 minutes to my closest Tims for a coffee while enjoying the air conditioned splendour of my car and my kids sleeping in the backseat. Amazing!
I was alway super spoiled by my mother-in-law who would often leave Tim Horton’s coffee on my porch on her way to work. “Porch coffee” was the best coffee ever! It was also a nice little connection I had with my mother-in-law- our love of Tims 🙂
Maybe I just bought into their Canadiana commercials (I got married on Canada Day-I’m super Canadian) but I drank their coffee all the time.

I broke up with Tim Horton this year. I don’t love him any more. We are never ever getting back together.

Early in my transition to clean eating, I was encouraged to try organic coffee. I went to Farm Boy and bought one of every organic/fair trade kcup coffee they sold. I fell in love with this one- I love an Amazonian now!

I also used to eat those “cupcake” muffins at Tim Hortons…. you know they aren’t really muffins right?! More of a closer relation to cupcakes for sure!

Now I eat these amazing muffins my amazing friend Sarah created. They are called PMS Muffins and the recipe can be found on her website: PMS MUFFINS (but guys can eat them, too!!) The recipe is pretty far down, so you have to scroll a bit. A totally kid friendly (and school friendly) muffin with oats, bananas and flax (don’t tell your kids about the flax!). To make them a little more appealing to my kids, I have added 1/2 cup of dark chocolate chips to the batter (and really Sarah- how can you develop a “PMS” muffin and not put chocolate in it- like really? lol)

And here’s the finished product! So pretty!

I buy most of my ingredients at Bulk Barn. It is there you can find the oats, whole wheat pastry flour and the ground flax seed. You can also buy the agave syrup there- it is beside the honey. I bake a lot so I buy my agave at Costco in a bigger quantities.


I hope you enjoy a new perspective on coffee and a muffin. Its just a small change in a daily ritual but a whole bunch of small changes turn into one big change!

Choose happy 🙂


6 thoughts on “Am I unCanadian for not liking Tim Hortons Coffee anymore?

  1. We gave up the Tim’s muffins (you’re right, they are dressed-up cupcakes) and donuts a few months ago…. but the coffee? Eep, that is tougher! I have one a week, on the weekend… and it’s usually my escape.
    This leads me to the question- Does “eating clean” have to be all or nothing? Is there a balance, with a few items (treats) thrown in here and there… or does that make it too easy to fall off the wagon?


  2. I LOVE the PMS muffins!!! One of my faves now – I make them quite a bit, and Evan doesn’t even notice they’re healthy (usually he knows whenever I modify anything to be healthier. He’s like a hound or something)!


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