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This photo makes me super happy.
How awesome is that? Pet night with Santa at Billings Bridge Shopping Centre! So much fun. Waiting in line with all the other people and their pets was almost as much fun as seeing Santa! And the picture is so great. I love it!
Finally seeing Santa has pushed me into the Christmas spirit (finally!) and now I’m thinking about baking. I’m super busy, so I don’t have time to bake! Rice Krispies squares are super fast and easy to make but are not super clean.
“What? Marshmallows aren’t healthy??!!!”
I found this great recipe on Pinterest the other and tried it. It’s kid approved! Both my children like the same thing! Crazy! That never happens. Here is the link to the recipe: I used Sunflower Seed Butter instead of the peanut butter and I was short on brown Rice Krispies so I used a cup of the “holiday” Rice Krispies. IMG_0746.JPG
Sorry about the crappy picture and the short post but I’m super tired- an elementary school + week before Christmas = tired me although today is pyjama day so I get to go to work in my pj’s today-nice!

P.S. Don’t forget about my blog contest! I’m giving away these awesome candles!

How you can win:
-followers of my blog before Nov 30 get 2 ballots in the draw
-new blog followers get a ballot in the draw
-every time you share my blog (on twitter use the hashtag #ichoosehappyblog and on Facebook you need to make your status public so I can see it and use the hashtag #ichoosehappyblog) you get a ticket in the draw 🙂
Ps Target or the makers of the candles have no idea who I am- I just liked the candles and bought them for this contest.
-I’ll do the draw Dec 21st at 5:00pm
Good luck!

Choose happy 🙂


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