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Calling My Shot and a Giveaway

First of all, a huge Thank-you to who ever nominated ichoosehappyblog for a Canadian Weblog Award! I am super happy! Check out the list-’s a great way to discover other blogs!
2014 Canadian Weblog Awards nominee
I am a very goal oriented person. I can be super motivated and very focused if I have the right goal in front of me. When I started clean eating, I only focused on my 40th Birthday- I decided to eat only clean food until my birthday which at the time was three months away. I never though beyond April 16th. My next goal was perfecting the push-up. Then I moved on to running a sub 30 minute 5K. Then I did a no drinking challenge at the beginning of the school year. I feel very motivated when I set a goal for myself. Since Thanksgiving, when my no drinking challenge ended, I’ve been bopping around goal-less. I needed a new challenge.
So without any research, thinking or planning- I decided on chin ups!
I told a bunch of people that I was going to do some chin ups.
Then I dug my husband’s chin up bar out of the basement, installed it in the door friend.
Then I took a picture of it and sent the picture to my friend exclaiming my new chin up challenge.
Then I actually tried to do a chin up.

You know- I’m in pretty good shape. I actually thought that I might be able to whip one off! Just- boom- chin up.
Nope- not what happened. That first chin up attempt was HUMBLING!
Wow! Chin ups are super hard.
Then I did some research about chin ups and how women’s bodies are basically not designed to do one and it’s super challenging (but not impossible).
But I’m determined! I will do a chin up.
I’m calling my shot.
I’m pointing my bat to the outfield.
I will do a chin-up!

So you heard it here- I will do a chin up. Now, I can’t walk by that chin-up bar without trying few. Maybe now, you would like to join me with a challenge. It doesn’t have to be chin-ups- maybe you want to quit smoking like my awesome sister! Or Diet Coke like my friend Laura. Or maybe you want to start your day with a clean and healthy breakfast.
So eggs are filled with muscle building protein. I need muscles to help pull my chin and the rest of my body toward that bar. Eggs are kind of time consuming when I’m rushing to get out the door. I discovered this recipe a few years ago when I was dabbling in the South Beach diet. It’s such a great recipe- like mini omelettes or crustless quiches. They are called Egg Muffins and they make a super quick, super protein packed, super healthy breakfast. For 12 Egg Muffins, you will need:

15 eggs
Various spices and seasonings (I just used oregano)
Various add ins (I used goat cheese, cherry tomatoes and spinach)

You can find the directions at

I also made some more “kid friendly” Egg Muffins. I did ham and cheese for them.
So I put the veggies and cheese in the greased muffin tins.

Then I whipped the eggs and added them to the muffin tins and baked them.

IMG_0198.JPG I keep my Egg Muffins in the fridge then I warm them up as needed. They make a quick and healthy breakfast!

Here is my major advice with these Egg Muffins– use silicon muffin liners!!!! Unless you want to work your biceps while scrubbing cooked egg off you muffin tin like I did for days, use silicon muffin tin or the liners. Will save you some clean up. Super fast and healthy breakfast! My kids loved them!

Giveaway Alert!
I found this amazing candle at Target the other day. It was like it was custom made for my blog!

So pretty and it smells amazing! So I bought 2 more for you guys!

I bought the tin ones in case someone from far away like South Korea wins (hi Ingrid!) and I have to mail the candles. So here’s how you can win the candles (you should keep one and then share the love and give the other candle to someone who needs a little happiness πŸ™‚
How you can win:
-followers of my blog before Nov 30 get 2 ballots in the draw
-new blog followers get a ballot in the draw
-every time you share my blog (on twitter use the hashtag #ichoosehappyblog and on Facebook you need to make your status public so I can see it and use the hashtag #ichoosehappyblog) you get a ticket in the draw πŸ™‚
Ps Target or the makers of the candles have no idea who I am- I just liked the candles and bought them for this contest.
-I’ll do the draw Dec 21st at 5:00pm
Good luck!
Choose happy πŸ™‚


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