Happy Strawberry Jam

It’s Strawberry season!
Last week we were on vacation at the cottage and I was afraid I was going to miss picking strawberries. We bought a basket from a road side stand but those berries were destined for eating and dockside strawberry margaritas. I LOVE to bake so I was hoping the strawberry season would be long enough so I could pick some berries for pies.
Four months ago, I began my “clean eating journey” so I wanted to try something different with these gems.
While searching Pinterest for a clean eating recipe to try I noticed this guy stealing strawberries from my basket!

Apparently Labs like strawberries?
I found this recipe: http://www.kidfriendlyhome.com/2012/08/chia-strawberry-freezer-jam.html and propped up my iPad and started cleaning strawberries.

The recipe was super easy. I did add 2 extra tablespoons of the agave to ensure my kiddies would like it. It thickened well and is a great clean, sugar free strawberry jam option. The best part of the recipe- my kids had NO IDEA they were eating chia seeds. They thought they were strawberry seeds πŸ™‚

There! First post finished! I did have something to say!
Choose happy!



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