Yo Mama Eats so Clean….

I was interviewed today about encouraging our kids to ditch the screen time and get outside to play and it reminded me of this blog post. Hope you enjoy the read!

I choose happy

It was hard for me as an adult to change my eating habits. Changing my kids eating habits has been taxing, challenging, and just plain DIFFICULT!
Some days are better than others. One particularly bad day happened at the local grocery store. My daughter actually burst into tears in the dairy section of the local Foodland because she “misses yogurt so much”! Yikes! I felt like shit that day! Coconut milk yogurt to the rescue!!!! One great day, my kids ate almost my entire goat cheese, spinach, and tomato pizza while ignoring their Hawaiian with bacon. On the days they eat less than clean food, I just think to myself, that they used to eat like this everyday, so a day here and there is better than eating crap everyday! It’s about picking my battles- winning the battles I can win and not getting too stressed about the other stuff…

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