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Clean Eating Challenge–Week 1

How did your week go?

Eating wise- mine was awesome!
Work out wise- amazing!
Work wise- roller coaster! Some days were amazingly awesome- some days were amazingly awful! Such is life! Appreciate the awesome days and appreciate that the awful days are not everyday!

Pre cooking a few dinners on the weekend really saved my ass this week. I was able to get to all the workout classes I had planned to attend- even with my kids activities staring this week and a staff meeting this week.

The no alcohol part of the challenge has been… well…a CHALLENGE! I was feeling no cravings for wine all week as I was on a major endorphin high. I love the class this week. Lots of new energy in the room and the routine really has lots of room to really push yourself. Feels awesome!

But then Thursday happened!

It was one of those days that I felt like I could do no right. On my way home from work, I stopped by the grocery store and wouldn’t you know there was a LCBO right next door!
Ugh! Really?
A bottle of wine was calling my name and promising me relaxation and a good night’s sleep after a totally stressful day. But no! I steered clear of the door to temptation and bought myself a beautiful fall mum instead. IMG_1364.JPGUnfortunately, Boyd has been eating the ornamental grass 😦
I was able to shake the wine craving just in time to go out for drinks for my friend’s birthday Friday night. I happily sipped water- even on a Friday night. There are 52 Fridays in a year- do I need to celebrate each one with a drink?

I made a few amazing recipes this week. I had been feeling like a hypocrite this week about my kids’ bread choice. I eat $5.00/loaf Ace Bakery bread (but I don’t share it with my little people because I can’t spend $15/week on bread!) Every time I made them a piece toast or a sandwich, I felt guilty. I used to make bread all the time, but had gotten out of the habit. Then, I found this easy recipe for Honey Whole Wheat bread
My daughter helped me make 2 loaves of bread and a dozen rolls for sandwiches. Here is the dough before the first rise.


Here is the dough after the first rise.

Punching down the dough is super fun!

I made knotted rolls with a third of the dough.

IMG_1339.JPG Here is the size difference you are looking for.

IMG_1344.JPG Here they are fresh from the oven- heaven!!!!


The buns made the cutest sandwiches!

IMG_1356.JPG I froze half the batch and took them out half way through the week so the bread would stay fresh.

I also made this amazing soup in my crockpot. I totally flaked and forgot to take a photo. My kids loved the soup. I did add extra protein by adding cooked chicken breast to the finished soup. You can find the recipe (and a photo) at I think its super smart to purée the beans before adding them to the soup. My daughter isn’t a fan of beans so this is a super sneaky way to add fibre to the soup.

Sometimes, in the middle of a crazy busy week, you need to stop and sit down and indulge on an ice cream cone. My daughter and I found AMAZING coconut milk ice cream at The Candy Shop by Thimblecakes in Westboro.


Sometimes happiness can simply be found in an ice cream cone.

Choose happy 🙂


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