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Happy New Year!

Today was the first day of school. If you have kids like me- everything is new again. New grade, new activities, new school, new teachers….. Everything is new again. It’s a start. A new beginning.
Today was a huge new beginning for me- I went back to work full time. I have spent the last 9 first days of school going out for coffee with my friends after following the bus to school to check out what teachers my kids had (except for one year where I actually supply taught on the first day of school!). This first day of school was also my first day of school. I survived!

I managed to feed my kids breakfast, pack healthy lunches, pack my own lunch and serve a clean and healthy dinner. I know not earth shattering news but today I’m pretty proud of it! I survived the first day!
I asked my students to set goals today. Start thinking where they want to be at the end of grade 4. What they want to accomplish, what they want to improve. I’m going to set some goals myself. I hope you will start thinking of some goals too. Maybe you want to eat cleaner and healthier. Maybe you want to workout more. Maybe you want to get a little better organized (there is my first goal!!!).
I’m feeling really unorganized after my first day. I know I can do better. Later this week, I’m going to talk about my own goals- maybe you share some of them and want to join me.
No recipe today! So tired! Here’s an awesome snack idea though:
Organic apples are AMAZING dipped in sunflower seed butter!!! You can find sunflower seed butter at Bulk Barn. Amazing!!!

Choose happy 🙂


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